European Conference on Nanoelectronics and Embedded Systems for Electric Mobility

The Conference focus is on the nanoelectronics and cyber-physical systems technologies for electric mobility applications and their impact on the future of electric vehicles and hybrid electric vehicles and their integration into smart cities.



Conference Organising Committee: Local Organising Committee:

Dr. Ovidiu Vermesan, SINTEF, Norway

Dr. Randolf Mock, SIEMENS, Germany

Reiner John, Infineon, Germany

Dr. Kevin Green, QinetiQ, UK

Dr. Roberto Zafalon, STMicroelectronics, Italy

Salvador Rodriguez Greenpower, Spain

Stefano Cerchio, Centro Ricerche Fiat, Italy

Giovanni Coppola, Enel, Italy

Dr. Roland Kircher, SIEMENS, Germany

Dr. Randolf Mock, SIEMENS, Germany

Dr. Johannes Reinschke, SIEMENS, Germany