European Conference on Nanoelectronics and Embedded Systems for Electric Mobility

The integration between the nanoelectronics and electronics hardware components and the software information driven functions, resulting in integrated mechatronic systems for next electric vehicles generations will be a main research and development area in the next few years.


The development of mechatronic systems for electric vehicles involves finding an optimal balance between the basic mechanical structure, sensor and actuator implementation, automatic digital information processing and overall electronic control for which embedded systems play a central role.

The objective of the European Conference on Nanoelectronics and Embedded Systems for Electric Mobility ecoCity eMotion (NESEM 2014) is to bring together experts from the fields of nanoelectronics semiconductor, mechatronic and cyber-physical systems to present the recent advances made in the area, discuss the future research directions, and exchange application experience with respect to the developments in the electric mobility applications.

Experts representing several projects with a total budget of over 200 M (ARTEMIS-IoE, ENIAC-E2SG, ENIAC-MotorBrain, etc.) funded by national public authorities from several countries in Europe, ARTEMIS Joint Undertaking Initiative, ENIAC and the European Commission will focus during the Conference on the nanoelectronics and embedded systems technologies developments for electric mobility applications and the impact on the future of electric and hybrid electric vehicles.

The Conference is organized on 24-25 September 2014 as part of the Electro Mobility Week events, and is open to a larger audience and designed to bring together the public authorities, government policy makers and the technical experts from different European countries working in the field of the nanoelectronics and embedded systems, communications, automotive and electric energy utilities to address the technological, industrial, infrastructure and market challenges for electric mobility applications.

Electro Mobility Week includes as well the organization of technical workshops and project meetings on 22, 23 and 26 September 2014 that are open only to projects Consortia.